The International Financiers Behind The International War Against Rhodesia

RHODESIA – The West’s Lost Opportunity to Defeat the NWO takeover in process right now – all the western nations had to do was refuse to cooperate in the destruction of Rhodesia!

Not only was Rhodesia NOT just a ‘footnote in history’, it was the PIVOT between the West’s freedom, and the West’s destruction and replacement with a Great Reset into tyranny and depopulation.

“Kissinger’s pro-Communist policies are the policies of the international financial groups. If the Rhodesians can be encouraged to continue resisting those policies, a major turning point in the struggle for the world has been reached. A defeat for Kissinger’s anti-Rhodesian policy would be a massive blow against the plot to create the “New World Order.” “

Editor’s Warning: Included in the images and captions I’ve added to this article are three graphic images. They demonstrate the true reality inflicted on us, both black and white, by Kissinger’s Masters.

Behind The International War Against Rhodesia

The New Times August, 1976

“Rhodesia was not only upsetting the programme for the “New World Order”, but was developing control of some of the most important mineral resources in the world.”

Via: Untold Tales, Courtesy of Reclaiming Rhodesia reader Alistair. Images, captions and headings added.

Following Dr. Henry Kissinger’s open declaration of war against Rhodesia early in May, when he visited Zambia, the American Secretary of State has promoted a continuing international campaign against Rhodesia. As Dr. Kissinger is an agent of the Rockefellers and their fellow international financiers, it is obvious that the anti-Rhodesian campaign has their backing. The fact that the Communists are also supporting the anti-Rhodesian campaign merely provides further evidence of the nexus between International Finance and International Communism.

It is no secret that Dr. Kissinger wants to establish a “New World Order.” He has said so himself. And he also sees central control of the world’s resources, including food, along with a world financial monopoly, as essential for the building of the “New World Order”. He also believes that it is possible to work together with the Communists to achieve the ultimate goal. The Rockefellers and other Wall Street international financiers hold the same view, which is why they have over half a century financed massive economic blood transfusions to the Communists. This ensures that the Communist threat is maintained so that the peoples of what is left of the Free World can be stampeded progressively into surrendering more of their liberties and rights.

“It’s a Big Club and YOU ain’t in it” ~Comedian George Carlin about the International Financiers. Above: Kissinger with Nathan Rothschild, David Rockefeller, & Hollywood Zionist Natalie Portman (real name Hershlag).
PM Thatcher and the Queen of England also aided the advanced training in England of Mugabe’s henchmen who were openly aided by North Korea in the the early 1980’s to slaughter 40,000 black Rhodesians following Marxist liberation. These henchmen went on to openly slaughter Rhodesian farmers and farm workers… even drinking their blood.

Rhodesia’s Courageous Declaration Of Independence

When the Rhodesians declared themselves completely independent of the treacherous policies of “British” Governments in November, 1965, they set the alarm bells ringing amongst the World Planners and Plotters. They not only dramatized the truth that it is possible for a small nation, if courageous enough, to go against the “world trend”, which is allegedly “inevitable”, but made clear that South Africa’s frontline of defense was not going to collapse into another Congo Nigeria and Uganda.

For over ten years the Rhodesians, even inside the framework of financial orthodoxy, have demonstrated what a resourceful people can do to make themselves nationally independent.

Highly intelligent and resourceful, the Rhodesian ‘Can-Do’ Spirit was an anathema to the Internationalist Power Groups.

This has been anathema to the international power groups, Rhodesia was not only upsetting the programme for the “New World Order”, but was developing control of some of the most important mineral resources in the world.

For example, Rhodesia is the only major source of chrome outside the Soviet Union. Chrome is a crucial ingredient in the manufacture of such vital defense items as jet aircraft, long-range missiles and nuclear submarines. Dr. Kissinger and his international backers have desperately attempted to force the American Congress to oppose the importing of Rhodesian chrome. Clearly they would prefer that the U.S.A be dependent upon the Soviet Union.

“Now it is mine!. All mines are also mine! … oh wait!
White Genocide At A Bargain Price: From 1949 Communist China financed terrorist puppets to foment ‘liberation’ movements that would destabilize Africa in its favour. Meanwhile, China remains one of the most closed, anti-foreigner and racist nations – especially towards black Africans– in the world!

The Significance Of Angola

The intensification of the international campaign against Rhodesia was triggered with the Soviet thrust into Angola. Dr. Kissinger engaged in a little harmless wrist-tapping of the Soviet, but there was no suggestion that economic blood transfusions to the Soviet would be cut off unless the Soviet moved its client Cuban troops out of Southern Africa. In a dialectical display of great skill, Dr. Kissinger took up the theme that only by the Rhodesians handing over to “majority rule” could the Communist advance in Southern Africa be averted. Australian and other shallow Western politicians have been dutifully echoing the same theme.

In his Lusaka statement Dr. Kissinger told the Rhodesians that unless they surrendered to “majority rule” they will face “unrelenting opposition”. The man who advocates expanding trade with all the Communist nations urges that Rhodesia be crushed by economic sanctions. He said that

“in March of this year, we joined with others to commend Mozambique for its decision to enforce these sanctions even at great economic cost of itself.”

Dr. Kissinger openly commends the act of aggression by a Marxist State directed by Soviet agents. And such is the influence of Kissinger and his financial masters that even the Australian “anti-Communist” Fraser Government meekly moves into line to assist Mozambique.

Above: The USSR started overtly financing the destabilization of Angola in 1956 via its Communist Party MPLA. America, Israel and China were also actively interfering. Roberto served their agendas. Below: A vicious, and known White Genocide was manufactured in Angola. Why wouldn’t neighbouring countries fight against this? Images are from Jan Lamprecht.
Horrific torture, mutilation (while alive) and murder of white women.
Horrific mutilation and torture of white men (above) and black men (below). This was KNOWN to Kissinger and World leaders. It is a significant factor contributing to Rhodesia’s Declaration Of Independence from Britain and commitment to the Rhodesian War of Independence.

A Cynical Statement: Kissinger’s Kiss Of Death

Dr. Kissinger’s Lusaka statement was a classic example of the cynical hypocrisy used by those attempting to drive mankind into their “New World Order”. Kissinger claimed that his programme to destroy Rhodesia was part of America’s

“unequivocal commitment” to “human rights, as expressed in the United Nations Charter, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

“We support”, he added “self-determination, majority rule, equal rights and human dignity for all the peoples of Southern Africa – in the name of moral principle, international law and world peace.”

It is amazing that Kissinger did not choke on his own rhetoric. There are 49 states in Africa. 15 are ruled by the military and 29 have one party tyrannies with no opposition. Only five have multi-party political systems, and two of the five are South Africa and Rhodesia! Any attempt to impose “majority rule” in Rhodesia must inevitably result in the same type of bloodbath which has taken place in so many other parts of Africa.

In more robust times, a Kissinger would have been driven out of public life by outraged civilized men. But with the stench of defeatism and treachery permeating the whole of the non-Communist world, the Kissingers are hailed as “realistic statesmen.”

John D Rockefeller Jr with John Rockefeller. Deeply entwined with the Rothschild’s, the Rockefeller’s gave **cough! cough!** land in NY City for the U.N. Headquarters. The same U.N. responsible for the reintroduction of slavery and Hell in “de-colonised” Africa.

Australia Betrays Rhodesia After Sending Her Own Men To Vietnam

Australia’s Minister for Foreign affairs, Mr. Andrew Peacock has recently returned from the U.S.A. where he was briefed by Dr. Kissinger and wined and dined along with Prime Minister Fraser. By representatives of the international financial groups backing Kissinger, r. Peacock strongly supports Australian economic and financial assistance to Marxist Mozambique – but on “humanitarian” grounds, as stressed in a letter being issued to irate electors by the Department of Foreign Affairs. Assistance is being given to Mozambique

“in order to help it overcome the problems it is suffering as a result of the closure of the border with Southern Rhodesia.”

No reference is made to the fact that Marxist President Machel closed the border as part of the war by International Communism against Rhodesia. Machel, surrounded by Soviet K.G.B. agents has promised to create a Communist State, has nationalized all private homes, called for the collectivization of agriculture and made children over six years of age wards of the State. Mozambique is a base for growing Communist-backed terrorist attacks against Rhodesians, the main victims being Rhodesian blacks. Mozambique’s internal problems are of its own making.

Mozambique became a favourite location for the Internationalist Communists to base and supply their terrorist camps for entry into rural Rhodesia. As in Angola, their cruelty was extremely sadistic towards white, black and mixed race civilians. Inter-racial marriage was common in Mozambique. Contrary to what modern historians would have you believe, most colonial natives wanted NOTHING to do with black “freedom fighters” who resorted to terror, abduction and mass murder at every opportunity ….
Australian PM Malcolm Fraser was an ardent fan of Mugabe and despised Ian Smith. While Mugabe slaughtered 40,000 black ‘Liberated- Zimbabweans‘ Fraser was still singing his praises. Fraser was also quick to recognise Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge regime. Fraser became the founding chair of the CARE Australia to beg for tax payer donations to help feed little African and Asian children suffering due to despotic regimes!
Australian PM Hawke, a Fabian-Socialist, in 1991 couldn’t keep his hands off the Marxist Mugabe despite knowing his crimes.

Rhodesia A Turning Point

The Foreign Affairs statement states that its policy is a reflection of British, American and many other Western as well as African governments. That is certainly true, they are all acting like puppets of the international power groups who are backing the campaign against Rhodesia and South Africa. The sickening hypocrisy of the main enemies of Civilization has been demonstrated by Mr. David Rockefeller, Chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank, claiming that the Communists in China are engaged in one of the most successful social experiments in the history of man.

This statement was made in 1973 after Rockefeller had established his bank in Communist China. Kissinger’s pro-Communist policies are the policies of the international financial groups. If the Rhodesians can be encouraged to continue resisting those policies, a major turning point in the struggle for the world has been reached. A defeat for Kissinger’s anti-Rhodesian policy would be a massive blow against the plot to create the “New World Order.”

The International Financiers Club continues reaping their investment after the slaughter of 50+ million Chinese civilians.


Of course this is all history, Rhodesia is a nostalgic dream of the past. After Rhodesia the “independence” of Deutsch Sud West Afrika (German South West Africa) now known as Namibia followed and thereafter South Africa fell to Communist rule.

The same pattern of behavior by the Africans are the same as centuries before, uncivilized behavior, murder, torture, rape, corruption all part of their culture and it will not ever change. This “human rights” agenda by Kissinger and his henchmen were brought on the heads of the Whites in Africa. Now this “human rights” of the African is brought into the homeland of the White European in Europe for the annihilation of the White Race. As we saw in Africa how the White man capitulated, we now experience the same in Europe. Is this the end of the White Race, will we stand up and fight. There is only one choice, stand up and FIGHT!

In 2020 Henry Kissinger is now promoting the same NWO message as Bill Gates!The reality is the world will never be the same after the coronavirus. To argue now about the past only makes it harder to do what has to be done…”(NOTE– Is Kissinger clairvoyant? How did he know the “world would never be the same again”?)
“Enlightenment thinkers (argued) that the purpose of the legitimate state is to provide for the fundamental needs of the people… Individuals cannot secure these things on their own. The pandemic has prompted an anachronism, a revival of the walled city in an age when prosperity depends on global trade and movement of people.” (NOTE– In other words: Globalism is good, Nationalism is bad. The same refrain we’ve heard for the last 30 years.)
While the assault on human health (from Covid) will—hopefully—be temporary, the political and economic upheaval it has unleashed could last for generations. (NOTE–Another peek into Henry’s crystal ball, eh?) No country, not even the U.S., can in a purely national effort overcome the virus. Addressing the necessities of the moment must ultimately be coupled with a global collaborative vision and program.” (“The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order”Wall Street Journal)
International Financiers like Soros groomed Mandela who became extremely wealthy very quickly despite almost three decades in prison. Ian Smith, who had always worked and lived a modest lifestyle, despite the opportunities to line his pockets, died in a modest retirement home.
Mandela and the ANC are the front for the South Africa Communist Party, the first Communist Party formed outside of Europe. Communist Joe Slovo a Lithuanian- Jew (heartland of many Bolsheviks) was intimate with the Mandela’s and instrumental in the SA Communist Party. Today, liberated South Africa’s crime rate rivals most war zones and provides a cover for the targeting of white farming families, including infants, who endure hours of gratuitous torture before death.
HENRY KISSINGER & BILL GATES CALL FOR MASS VACCINATION & GLOBAL GOVERNANCE: We are in the middle of the worst global health pandemic of our lives according to the Media, the Government and the United Nations. We are witnessing an unprecedented global lockdown in response to the Coronavirus outbreak known as COVID19.
The global population living in western countries have been taught for more than a generation to live in a constant state of fear ever since 9/11. We have been encouraged to sacrifice our liberty for a false sense of security, being conditioned more and more each day to rely on the state for protection and now many of us find ourselves relying on the state to pay our bills.
Despite the government’s budget and deficit continuing to grow exponentially everyday… Some are beginning to see that there may be more to the official story than what we are led to believe. The very few may have seen this coming and are waiting for the next phase of what very well could be another step closer to global governance. The very men and women, the exact same individuals and government agencies, in addition to global institutions who stand to benefit the most, are the ones calling the shots…
Welcome to COVID-1984 and the official rollout of the New World Order…
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7 Responses

  1. Linde says:

    Really good to see such an excellent article on the material and link contributed by your reader Alistair. Dr. K’s open declaration of war on Rhodesia in the Lusaka statement is very important because even though there was a change of admin in the US and Dr. K was no longer Secretary of State, ZOG UK picked up the Plan and sold it to the Interim government of Zimbabwe -Rhodesia. Dr. K -toxic and deadly squid that he is – probably jetted off to Moscow to help the Kremlin put the final touches on the Perestroika Deception. And in only a few decades all Western nations would be in its coils. Now we see how massive population transfers to the West from that NEW colonisation was such an important part of the Plan Dr K didn’t tell us about at Lusaka. They were going to create Marxist failed states in Africa and then import the insurgency of the Revolution into the West with the ‘death of Communism’ and ‘collapse of the Soviet Union’ caper. For all the Anglosphere nations, this material is today’s and tomorrow’s headlines. It’s a good thing the Rhodesians are going to stay Rhodesian and on the spoor of the Giant Squid.

    • Editor says:

      I recall Kiss-Of-Death Kissinger visiting Australia prior to Hawke & Keating embarking on their de-regulation tsunami. They destroyed the pride of Australia The Commonwealth Bank which funded the Snowy River Project (as incredible as Kariba Dam and without debt to the banksters). The dollar was deregulated (serving the likes of the currency breaker Soros) and interest rates forced up to over 18% for the Fabian Recession “We had to have” to avoid ***cough*** becoming a Banana Republic like….. Zimbabwe?!?!
      The level of personal and national debt in Australia soared from next to nothing to today being beyond repayment.

      If one looks at Canada, New Zealand and other Western nations the same thing happened at the same time – national and personal debt went from a low flat line to an exponentially soaring growth level (recall how the 80’s was all about conspicuous consumption & Gordon Gekko in the movie ‘Wall Street’). Kiss-Of-Death and his masters set the wheels in motion for the destruction of Australia but not before $ucking the life out of the descendants of the people who built it! Through:
      – fiat debt,
      – global-corporation friendly over-regulation & taxation (strangling small/medium businesses/farmers/entrepreneurs),
      – the Great Replacement that destroyed the demographics in less than a generation and a surge in anti-white laws (specifically discriminating against white boys and men),
      – the Howard gun grab and now, overnight a totalitarian police state, the global example set by the state of Victoria (how the Communist Chinese Party & Stasi can adapt their tactics to a ‘free’ western nation without a VOTE!, or a single shot being fired),
      – and now… the Great Reset.

      That is the power of the Long March Through The Institutions by the Kiss-Of-Death’s masters!

  2. Linde says:

    Can’t pass up the opportunity to remark on those two Australian PMs who were big Mugabe devotees. This level of disgustingness brings to mind : THE LIST of Australia’s most elite paedos. It is still out there and still under Howard’s 90 year suppression order. Officially only one PM is on it. But then, I seldom believe the official narrative. Background: the NSW Wood Royal Commission into police corruption in the 1990s was proceeding apace when (oops) Gary Crooke QC (could not make that name up) signed off on ‘the list’ – 28 names of Australia’s most elite paedophile ring which just happened to come before the Commission. And PM John Howard put a 90 year suppression order on it. Almost 20 years later Liberal Senator Bill Herrernan used the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee to again put on public record THE LIST and that suppression order. Heffernan also read into the public record that every Commonwealth AG since Ruddock had seen it. Tick Tock. Oct 21 2015. When Australians get serious about reclaiming this nation we will EXPOSE THEM ALL.

  3. WakeyWakey says:

    The video at the end of this article has since been ‘Book Burned’ by the Bolshevik controlled joutube. Very interesting to see Mandela so buddy buddy with psychopath Soros. This photo shows a gloating Sor-arse, gloating because his psychopathic need to destroy the White Race (here White South African civilization) has just been fulfilled. Now for the rest of the west…..

  4. Linde says:

    The eradication of White history is a Marxist project that continues apace in Europe and in all nations where a European people were / are the heritage and founding stock of the institutions of state and social influence.

    In NZ the Rhodesians have stood their ground against this project. Here is a sitrep The Lion and Tusk Museum sent out to all financial members:

    On the 25th April 2022 members and supporters of this Association attended ANZAC Day parades and services around New Zealand and Australia. Here in New Zealand we had two gatherings – one at The Lion and Tusk Museum and one in conjunction with the Hobsonville Returned Services Assn in Auckland.

    We did not encourage high numbers to turn out and we kept people outside as much as possible in order to protect our elderly from Covid infection. Both services went off well with the smaller turnouts. We hope to be able to be more social for Armistice Day in November at The Lion and Tusk Museum.

    The lead up to ANZAC Day was marred by an adverse article appearing in an online media article which was also copied in a couple of regional newspapers criticising the existence of The Lion and Tusk Museum. The author of the article was given 100% cooperation and afforded a visit to the museum but still wrote a lopsided and inaccurate piece. Some adverse comments were received but those comments were far outnumbered by messages of support and encouragement, visitors to the museum, and an increase in Financial Memberships.

    This type of attack on us will be repeated again in the future. We must keep our heads and stand fast if we are to protect our historical record. If we do not hold the line against the people who want to change, not only our history but other sections of history as well, then we must unite.

    We must build on the foundation that we have made. In late 2020 we set a target of 1,000 plus Financial Members of the Rhodesian Services Association. The income from this number equates to our current annual rent, rates etc for the museum.

    At the time of compiling this email we are less than 60 members away from our target. This makes us the largest Rhodesian group and puts us in a good position to continue supporting The Lion and Tusk Museum.

    We must continue to increase our younger member numbers, and to ensure that subscription renewals are carried out in September.

    We must protect our history or we will lose it.

    This graphic below illustrates just how close we are to our goal:

    Membership progress chart94

    We ask you to invite your friends and family to become Financial Members of this Association. They can email me at this email address and I will send them payment options and details.

    Please keep up your support and spread the word – together we can do this.

    Take care.



    Editor for Rhodesian Services Association (Inc)
    New Zealand Registered Charity CC25203
    Postal: PO Box 13003, Tauranga 3141, New Zealand
    Physical: The Lion & Tusk Museum, Unit 10, 14 Portside Drive, Mount Maunganui, New Zealand
    Mob +64 27 545 8069
    Museum +64 7 572 0348 (local dial 07 572 0348)

    • Editor says:

      Linde, you have provided yet another insightful comment and a very interesting link. I will be contacting them. Thank you!

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