The International Financiers Behind The International War Against Rhodesia

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  1. Linde says:

    Really good to see such an excellent article on the material and link contributed by your reader Alistair. Dr. K’s open declaration of war on Rhodesia in the Lusaka statement is very important because even though there was a change of admin in the US and Dr. K was no longer Secretary of State, ZOG UK picked up the Plan and sold it to the Interim government of Zimbabwe -Rhodesia. Dr. K -toxic and deadly squid that he is – probably jetted off to Moscow to help the Kremlin put the final touches on the Perestroika Deception. And in only a few decades all Western nations would be in its coils. Now we see how massive population transfers to the West from that NEW colonisation was such an important part of the Plan Dr K didn’t tell us about at Lusaka. They were going to create Marxist failed states in Africa and then import the insurgency of the Revolution into the West with the ‘death of Communism’ and ‘collapse of the Soviet Union’ caper. For all the Anglosphere nations, this material is today’s and tomorrow’s headlines. It’s a good thing the Rhodesians are going to stay Rhodesian and on the spoor of the Giant Squid.

    • Editor says:

      I recall Kiss-Of-Death Kissinger visiting Australia prior to Hawke & Keating embarking on their de-regulation tsunami. They destroyed the pride of Australia The Commonwealth Bank which funded the Snowy River Project (as incredible as Kariba Dam and without debt to the banksters). The dollar was deregulated (serving the likes of the currency breaker Soros) and interest rates forced up to over 18% for the Fabian Recession “We had to have” to avoid ***cough*** becoming a Banana Republic like….. Zimbabwe?!?!
      The level of personal and national debt in Australia soared from next to nothing to today being beyond repayment.

      If one looks at Canada, New Zealand and other Western nations the same thing happened at the same time – national and personal debt went from a low flat line to an exponentially soaring growth level (recall how the 80’s was all about conspicuous consumption & Gordon Gekko in the movie ‘Wall Street’). Kiss-Of-Death and his masters set the wheels in motion for the destruction of Australia but not before $ucking the life out of the descendants of the people who built it! Through:
      – fiat debt,
      – global-corporation friendly over-regulation & taxation (strangling small/medium businesses/farmers/entrepreneurs),
      – the Great Replacement that destroyed the demographics in less than a generation and a surge in anti-white laws (specifically discriminating against white boys and men),
      – the Howard gun grab and now, overnight a totalitarian police state, the global example set by the state of Victoria (how the Communist Chinese Party & Stasi can adapt their tactics to a ‘free’ western nation without a VOTE!, or a single shot being fired),
      – and now… the Great Reset.

      That is the power of the Long March Through The Institutions by the Kiss-Of-Death’s masters!

  2. Linde says:

    Can’t pass up the opportunity to remark on those two Australian PMs who were big Mugabe devotees. This level of disgustingness brings to mind : THE LIST of Australia’s most elite paedos. It is still out there and still under Howard’s 90 year suppression order. Officially only one PM is on it. But then, I seldom believe the official narrative. Background: the NSW Wood Royal Commission into police corruption in the 1990s was proceeding apace when (oops) Gary Crooke QC (could not make that name up) signed off on ‘the list’ – 28 names of Australia’s most elite paedophile ring which just happened to come before the Commission. And PM John Howard put a 90 year suppression order on it. Almost 20 years later Liberal Senator Bill Herrernan used the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee to again put on public record THE LIST and that suppression order. Heffernan also read into the public record that every Commonwealth AG since Ruddock had seen it. Tick Tock. Oct 21 2015. When Australians get serious about reclaiming this nation we will EXPOSE THEM ALL.

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