Are You Tired of All the Lies Yet? Can You See The Dystopian Future They Are Replicating Globally?

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  1. Linde says:

    A very timely article by Sally-Ann Lowe published the week of the Electoral College vote in the US.

    Like Rhodesia, the US republic was created to be a constitutional republic – not a Communist one vote = one value / open border / mob rule (UN / Zimbabwe) type of process.

    The televised take-down of the US government is a declaration that the Fourth ComIntern ( 1938 – ) has completed its drive for world hegemon and is now in control of all UN member nations (all owned by the Jewish central banking cartel). In the absence of the Supreme Soviet (removed – probably murdered in 1991) the International is controlled by the Praesidium which they elected 1991. This is Chairman Gorbachev currently in residence at the Praesido – the birthplace of the UN.

    Sally-Ann Lowe acknowledges the organising principles of the Earth Charter in her essay which deserves many readings. This is an important point for the political analysis developing on this website. Gorbachev and Strong where the co-creators of the Earth Charter and these principles will be the organising principles of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals for the world socialism and its soviet. In the coming decade, UN will be constructing a Zimbabwe model for the global goy plantation through all UN member nations. All the ‘multi-laterals’ on the world pyramid will be implementing this partnership with the Marxist governments across the world.

    Importantly, Sally-Ann mentions the ‘white, racist settler’ mantra. This is a good example of the Marxist erasure of identity (and history) as it was leveled by the world-wide Communist Revolution at America’s sister nation, Rhodesia. This mantra has now morphed into the ‘White Supremacist’ identity, currently pasted onto all Western European nations. In nations like the US it will be reserved for the 1790 First Act un-hyphenated Americas who will be resisting the Marxist takeover. It was the preferred Big Media hate speech for the Trump supporters who rallied to the capital demanding investigations and prosecutions of electoral fraud openly boasted by Corrupto Joe Biden: “We have put together, I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organisation in history of American politics.”

    The fact that this demand can be denied by all legal remedies and rejected by all government institutions and the people who are making this demand labeled as ‘White Supremacists” on all channels and public fora is a sign that the republic has fallen and the take-over by the Communist Deep State (ZOG) is now complete.

    The Americans will now go to our third war of independence. To all Rhodesians world-wide ‘strength and honour’. Christ is King and He must reign until all His enemies are under His feet.

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