Are You Tired of All the Lies Yet? Can You See The Dystopian Future They Are Replicating Globally?

Director of CIA William Casey, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

Reclaiming Rhodesia was formed to resist the Lies created and perpetually parroted by the corporatocracy-captured governments and international media. They have consistently misrepresented Rhodesia’s factual history, smearing us with the perpetual parroting of the false, but very effective, meme: those White Rhodesian racists!’

Those people around the world who believed and unquestioningly supported this simplistic lie parroted to them, are largely responsible for creating today’s miserably undemocratic, totalitarian one-party Marxist state, Zimbabwe (Ruins).

A One-Party State: The BLACK government has stifled BLACK voter dissent with violence and mass slaughter for more than 40 years. They have used North Korean, Communist Chinese & even British military trained forces against civilians. In other words, they have never stopped fighting the Bush War that was supposedly against “those White Rhodesian racists“. Not even decades after our white genocide was realised.
Zimbabwe celebrated the first five years of “independence” from “those White Rhodesian racists” with the now uninhibited black on black rape, torture and slaughter of 40,000 unarmed villagers. The atrocities have never stopped, 50% of the black population has fled.

Those same true believers of the anti-white Rhodesian mantra, can no longer look at the Hell-Hole known as Zimbabwe and pretend Rhodesia was destroyed for “democracy”. This begs the question – why are they believing everything their same lying media and their same lying governments are spewing forth today?

For example, why do they faithfully believe their governments and media when they say: A man in a remote cave, without even basic plumbing, by-passed the military security systems of the worlds greatest nuclear superpower to bring down the Twin Towers AND Building 7? Or believe in global warming? Or that the United States of America just held a transparently free and fair election?

This is called cognitive dissonance. Instead of believing everything we’re told, we should be using commonsense to question everything, including the messengers’ intentions. 

God gave us the ability to analyse and question. He also gave us the ability to create the internet and thus the opportunity to seek out accurate, though politically incorrect, information censored by the mainstream press. Our faith should be in God alone, not in our unsaintly and flawed bankers, politicians, media talking heads and hollywood ‘stars’. History repeatedly reveals the corruption of many politicians and even in some, pedophilic perversions, that make them ripe for bribery, blackmail and control. 

Rhodesia/Zimbabwe is a microcosm of the world macrocosm. It is the blueprint for YOUR nation’s future!  Zimbabwe 2.0 is systematically going viral globally. This is the real climate change we should be fearless in facing and exposing – the climate of fear, oppression and totalitarian technocracy taking placing with your consent!

“Dirty Cash transmits the virus and helps criminals!” In fact digital currency can be hacked, your phone/computer can get a virus and you are never fully in control of your digital money.

How did humanity lose its ability to question?

American Jerry Day re-minds us how to question:

“Who Is Making Governments self-Destruct?”

“There is no such thing as ‘a non-essential job’. That is someone’s job, their livelihood, their survival!

How about this for Orwellian doublespeak:

We’re all in this together, so let’s self-isolate, socially distance, cover our faces [with face nappies]. We will all come together by quarantining ourselves and not allowing children to see their grandparents. We will all connect in that way.

That was Britain 2020, stay indoors until nightfall, then stand on your doorstep and clap like a monkey for 5 minutes, and report your neighbour on Facebook or Twitter if they didn’t.

Even before this pandemic, governments worldwide were defaulting on their pension funds, imposing austerity, cutting services, filing bankruptcy, bailing out Too Big To Fail fat cats, raising taxes on people who can’t pay more taxes, printing money and hyper-inflating, running interest rates below sea level! What an unsustainable disaster! What a perfect time [excuse?] to send GDP into negative 45 points, trigger a global depression, double down and take government collapses to a whole new level!

Do you think they are shutting down police departments to make Black Lives Matter happy? They’re shutting down police departments because they can’t pay the police.

Why are ‘we’ all of a sudden, for the first time in history, using a whole bunch of new ways to fight a seasonal disease? In my whole lifetime I have never stood 6 feet away from people in a grocery store in a checkout line. I have never worn a mask to walk my dog. I have never before seen healthy people wearing masks or quarantining themselves. Except in authoritarian countries where they make rules as they please.

Yet sacred Easter Celebrations were shut down almost globally!

We didn’t see any of it because there is no science to support any of that. Its theatre. Its political control. It’s some sort of mind control, gamesmanship in which we are stooges for playing along. Did this come out of the current popular mindset that any public policy, no matter how bad, is alright if it sells vaccines, or if it gives government an excuse for more mass surveillance and control?

How did it become too dangerous for even one person in the entire world to walk into a restaurant and order dinner? Who came up with this stuff? I think it’s safe to assume that governments don’t want to destroy themselves, so who made them do it?

Who can march our governments and our societies off a cliff like that? Who is it that in a space of one or two weeks in March of 2020, commanded governments to drop everything they were doing and self-destruct, and tell every single mainstream news anchor to tell the rest of the world to follow along? Who can pull strings like that?

Who can take an average flu season and turn it into a global economic meltdown in the space of a few weeks? It wasn’t some city, or country. Somebody made the entire world do that! Nations never agree on things. Yet the ‘lockstep’ thing – how did somebody co-ordinate this? The timetable was just too short. Even a school district cannot move that fast.

Whoever that is, they totally control media, they totally control governments, they control nearly every message we hear from our TVs, our computers, our cellphones. But they’ve done this co-ordinating more than once now. Even after everyone could see the mistakes, just when we think ‘okay, we’re opening up’, George Floyd gets killed or dies from phentanol, and then of course we have to go out and smash stores in every city. Lock it down again! Okay, now it’s over. Now we can go back to …. Oh no. We’re having our ‘second wave’! Lock it down again! Oh wait. Is there a solar eclipse coming? Shall we lock it down again? As if there were no consequences every time we do this?

People who are not even doctors or scientists are shutting down the system for no apparent reason. Not only that, aren’t reporters supposed to ask questions? When did that stop? We’re supposed to go along with destroying the global economy, and not one reporter is curious enough to ask if the disease is really that bad?

Credible parties have accused Anthony Fauci of committing felonies and not one journalist asks him about that, while they shower him with air time and just let him dictate policies on ‘social distancing’. Did journalists go extinct or something?

Is anyone even curious where all our Governors and Mayors got this signal to shut it all down? How did they even get that idea? Who gave the signal? How do they work that? How did they get the media to say that hospitals were swamped, and the next day, citizen journalists hit those same hospitals and they’re all dead empty? How did that happen? Okay, they lied. But why did they lie? What made them stage busy hospitals when they knew there were no busy hospitals? How do you get reporters to do that?

Scratching the surface…

Health officials, many of them, all at once, all over the place came out and said ‘If you die of a heart attack or a bullet wound then we’re going to call it a covid death.’ How did that happen? How did they synchronize a ridiculous talking point like that among national and local health officials? We would like to know where the central global control room is for something like this. Who are the puppet masters?

Hundreds of thousands of businesses have permanently closed due to this lockdown, the businesses you rely on for life as we know it!”

An unholy feudal system: Middle class and working class people working in the private sector are being made paupers.

Michael E. wrote: “Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom!” In other words, this is a satanic agenda, a spiritual warfare.

Billions of dollars have made this possible and unquestionable.

The Davignon Plan

The take-down of Rhodesia, then South Africa and now, every single first world nation, is the Davignon Plan to de-industrialize the (White) West as revealed by Dr John Coleman. This take-over is disguised with Lies! Lies! and More Lies!

As Bill Gates is the ‘face’ for global vaccinations, Maurice Strong was the oil billionaire ‘face’ for UN Agenda 21 (includes Sustainable Development, UN Agenda 2030). He died hiding under the luxurious protection of the Communist China Party to escape criminal fraud prosecution in the Western world.

Fauci is the Queen of Lies and Bill Eugenicist Gates is the King of Lies. Both are working to destroy the middle class by quickening the collapse of the current world economic system. They want to replace it with THE GREAT COMMUNIST RESET for the West. Ironically, though the world went to war with Rhodesia for having a graduated one-man-one-vote Constitutional system… You will not be permitted to have a referendum vote on the Great Reset. The unelected technocrats, the billionaires and trillionaires of Kalus Schwab World Economic Forum (Davos) shall decide on this transformation for you.

No private property = Marxism.

Translated this means that, though we may prefer to own our own home, car, bicycle, lawnmower or chicken-coop, this will not be permitted and we must rent until our deaths. For social justice purposes, billionaire Schwab intends ‘equality’ for all. That is equality across the entire world from New York to Tokyo to the Congo to Yemen.

Everyone, from the first world and the third world will get the same minimal starvation wage from our One World Government run through their puppet United Nations (who already directly control our local councils through infiltrated U.N NGO ICLEI who are enforcing UN AGENDA 21/2030 behind our backs). 

If no one owns anything, then who owns everything?

There is no mention of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros, Kissinger, Gates, Schwab axis joining us in our ‘equality’ by casting out their tax-free foundations, mansions, yachts and private jets. No one seriously believes they will move onto the planned Universal Basic Income. It is ‘equality’ only for we the plebs, the great unwashed, the cattle.

What totalitarian ‘utopia’ future is being created today by those people who are believing and enabling these global warming/pandemic/vaccine-saviour/election lies? A world-wide Zimbabwe 2.0!

The international media and ZOGs are thoroughly exposed for their true role and purpose, that of treachery and deceit against their citizens on behalf of the forces of darkness, in a new article by our exceptionally well informed contributing author Linde. See Operation Mayibuye: The Rivonia Trial – Unmasking the Hidden Hands Part 2  

The captured media’s true purpose is to control the public using constant mind-manipulation techniques. Most of these were developed by the TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE, the world’s most powerful centre for mind control. We cannot know that we are brainwashed. The only indirect way to realize we are, is if we answer this question in the affirmative:

Do you watch the te-LIE-vision?

That is why it is called tell-a-vision programming. It downloads false information into our heads, eliminating our need to think for ourselves. Next time you turn on the TV, think on this. I stopped watching in 2012.

Looking for the crisis: The Rockefeller and Gates families have had close ties for decades especially in eugenics programs.

What Future is the West Allowing to be Created by Believing and Co-operating with Today’s Lies?

Do we not see that unhealthy mask wearing, which cannot stop viruses, is meant to be symbolic of the Orwellian totalitarian boot on the face of humanity. This is exactly how George Orwell’s book ‘1984’ ends, with a boot on the face. Is it not beyond time to reclaim our power in order to reclaim our rights and freedoms to walk out into the street, to run a restaurant, to eat out, to fly overseas to visit our loved ones, to breathe fresh air, to hug and smile at one another. To go to church, temple or synagogue if we choose. This tyranny will not end until we end it, together, by mass noncompliance. This our enemy preempts by initiating, like a conductor with his orchestra of nations, rolling ‘lockdowns’ (home imprisonment) with ever changing rules.

Do you not at least have a sense that something is not right in the world right now with the way our governments and media are behaving? With the extreme tyranny of mental and physical abuse upon us? Are you not tired of all the Lies? Did you know about OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD? 

Ex-CIA whistleblower Kevin Shipp,“There’s no doubt Operation Mockingbird is real. It started out paying journalists in major media – Pulitzer prize winning journalists – to print fake stories that the CIA wanted in the press, and fake interviews. This was revealed and admitted in the Church Committee Hearings for the House Intelligence Committee in 1975. Of course then the CIA destroys the file. Then George H W Bush, CIA Director declared the CIA would officially stop the Mockingbird program, that the CIA would no longer pay journalists, it would be voluntary! In other words, Operation Mockingbird continues on today.” The CIA also work together with hollywood, and always have, to manipulate out belief systems.

One of the Main Techniques for Breaking Morale

Fear is used to create compliance. We all want to be ‘safe’. This innate desire is known by our enemies and used against us. Remember the ongoing ‘war on terror’? Dr John Coleman revealed the following Blueprint for breaking morale is used against national leaders, national governments, individuals and also against populations and humanity as a whole. It was used very successfully to demoralise PM Ian Smith, Rhodesians and then South Africans. 

As you read ask yourself – is this not exactly what is being done to humanity today under the fearmongering cover of a ‘virus terrorist’?:

“One of the main techniques for breaking morale through a strategy of terror consists in exactly this tactic: keep the person hazy as to where he stands and just what he may expect. In addition, if frequent vacillations between severe disciplinary measures and promise of good treatment, together with the spreading of contradictory news, make the structure of the situation unclear, then the individual may cease to know whether a particular plan would lead toward, or away from his goal. Under these circumstances, even those individuals who have definite goals and are ready to take risks, are paralysed by the severe inner conflict in regard to what to do.”

Demoralisation – a key communist tool in the armory being used against Humanity.

Reclaiming Rhodesia would like to recommend that, regardless of your religion or even if you lack any belief, you listen to this unique and courageous sermon revealing the callous cruelty of the Deep State Squid apparatus across America and the West being perpetrated against us and our loved ones in their time of need.

Below is the proof this is a time of spiritual warfare; that we need therefore to expose the works of darkness. This is a time of trouble like there never was. Denial is not the solution but part of the problem. If we believe everything our politicians, health officials and media tells us, we need to question everything then reset our world of perception. Please consider taking 20 minutes to watch the video link provided by Armstrong Economics:

Martin Armstrong: “I find it amazing that a priest would deliver a sermon like this in Church. He is right. My cousin who just died was denied a funeral. I could not even buy flowers for there was no viewing. Another friend’s parent was denied Last Rights. This is getting to clearly be a Communist Revolution where religion was shut down and banned. They are doing the very same thing here under the pretense of defeating a virus with a kill ratio no worse than the flu.”

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5 Responses

  1. Linde says:

    A very timely article by Sally-Ann Lowe published the week of the Electoral College vote in the US.

    Like Rhodesia, the US republic was created to be a constitutional republic – not a Communist one vote = one value / open border / mob rule (UN / Zimbabwe) type of process.

    The televised take-down of the US government is a declaration that the Fourth ComIntern ( 1938 – ) has completed its drive for world hegemon and is now in control of all UN member nations (all owned by the Jewish central banking cartel). In the absence of the Supreme Soviet (removed – probably murdered in 1991) the International is controlled by the Praesidium which they elected 1991. This is Chairman Gorbachev currently in residence at the Praesido – the birthplace of the UN.

    Sally-Ann Lowe acknowledges the organising principles of the Earth Charter in her essay which deserves many readings. This is an important point for the political analysis developing on this website. Gorbachev and Strong where the co-creators of the Earth Charter and these principles will be the organising principles of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals for the world socialism and its soviet. In the coming decade, UN will be constructing a Zimbabwe model for the global goy plantation through all UN member nations. All the ‘multi-laterals’ on the world pyramid will be implementing this partnership with the Marxist governments across the world.

    Importantly, Sally-Ann mentions the ‘white, racist settler’ mantra. This is a good example of the Marxist erasure of identity (and history) as it was leveled by the world-wide Communist Revolution at America’s sister nation, Rhodesia. This mantra has now morphed into the ‘White Supremacist’ identity, currently pasted onto all Western European nations. In nations like the US it will be reserved for the 1790 First Act un-hyphenated Americas who will be resisting the Marxist takeover. It was the preferred Big Media hate speech for the Trump supporters who rallied to the capital demanding investigations and prosecutions of electoral fraud openly boasted by Corrupto Joe Biden: “We have put together, I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organisation in history of American politics.”

    The fact that this demand can be denied by all legal remedies and rejected by all government institutions and the people who are making this demand labeled as ‘White Supremacists” on all channels and public fora is a sign that the republic has fallen and the take-over by the Communist Deep State (ZOG) is now complete.

    The Americans will now go to our third war of independence. To all Rhodesians world-wide ‘strength and honour’. Christ is King and He must reign until all His enemies are under His feet.

  2. Katherine Sparkes says:

    I did not know you could access porn on the internet. Are porn sites free or are they user pays ?

    • Editor says:

      If you’re Palestinian it’s broadcasted into your home anytime the IDF chooses.
      The most vile site (I’ll not promote) made their non-free content free while many countries were in the Covidian Cult lockdowns of 2020. How’s that for ethics?

  3. Linde says:

    Moral armies have ethics and they understand the importance of ethics. There is a good reason why pornography was confiscated by Rhodesian customs at Salisbury Airport (later renamed for someone whose crimes should not be promoted). E Michael Jones in his work: Libido Dominandi : Sexual Liberation and Political Control goes right into this subject of demoralisation, decadence and hedonism as a stage of subversion.

    • Editor says:

      Great point. E Michael Jones expose of pornography as a weapon to make a society ‘impotent’ against a Revolution / enemy is fascinating. It makes sense that during the first global lockdown by the Covidian Cult the vile company Pornhub made their paid content free and the MSM publicized this again and again!
      The following is a 20 min speech by E Michael Jones followed by Q&A. The speech is fascinating and essential viewing for parents and grandparents especially! He demonstrates clearly how sexual liberation and degeneracy is in fact slavery and has been used as an act of war again and again…

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