Top 5 Myths About Rhodesia Even Pro-Whites Believe, Plus A Bonus NEW Myth!

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2 Responses

  1. Alistair says:

    Good write up. Another myth this writer would like to see dispelled is the myth that the Rhodesian conflict was a ‘civil war.’ Nothing could be further from the truth, yet, as good as the book was, the book by Mike Borlace, Spider Zero Seven, on the back cover it refers to the war as a ‘civil war’ and I have noticed over the years many books written on Rhodesia by Rhodesians refers to it as a ‘civil war.’ This does not help when we are trying to get the message out to a brainwashed world that blacks and whites fought together side by side against a ruthless communist onslaught and the blacks who fought on the Rhodesian side were all volunteers and that the Rhodesian security forces consisted of 70% black volunteers.

    • Editor says:

      Well stated. We plan to do a future article proving it was NOT a civil war. As we have pointed out in other articles, the likes of Mugabe were used as proxies for an international hot-war.

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