Top 5 Myths About Rhodesia Even Pro-Whites Believe, Plus A Bonus NEW Myth!

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  1. Alistair says:

    Good write up. Another myth this writer would like to see dispelled is the myth that the Rhodesian conflict was a ‘civil war.’ Nothing could be further from the truth, yet, as good as the book was, the book by Mike Borlace, Spider Zero Seven, on the back cover it refers to the war as a ‘civil war’ and I have noticed over the years many books written on Rhodesia by Rhodesians refers to it as a ‘civil war.’ This does not help when we are trying to get the message out to a brainwashed world that blacks and whites fought together side by side against a ruthless communist onslaught and the blacks who fought on the Rhodesian side were all volunteers and that the Rhodesian security forces consisted of 70% black volunteers.

    • Editor says:

      Well stated. We plan to do a future article proving it was NOT a civil war. As we have pointed out in other articles, the likes of Mugabe were used as proxies for an international hot-war.

      • Linde says:

        The idea that Rhodresia’s war of independence was a civil/racial war should be put out its misery permanently. The UN – its Charter incorporating every plank of the Communist Manifesto – resolved in General Assembly (UN Res 1514o (XV) of Dec. 1960) to ratify Lenin’s diktat of the Third Comintern. (Just Google the logo). Resolved: all European nations to abdicate their colonies.

        That was the year of Macmillan’s ‘Winds of Change’ speech in Cape Town Feb 3 and the year Belgium cut loose the Congo. It was promptly invaded by the armed aggression of the Fourth Comintern ( 1938 – ) – the whole alphabet soup of ‘liberation front’ guerrilla armies whose leaders were trained in the Communist Bloc, supplied and equipped with Warsaw Pact weapons and approved by the Western ZOGs. The idea , of course, was that Africa would be re-colonized by the Communist Bloc – which it was.

        I never heard any objections from the Marxist Western media about the Communist genocide in the Congo. The whole of the toxic racial narrative and all its mantras is Communist psychological warfare against the European race and its nations.

      • Editor says:

        Thanks Linde for the comment. We are working on a couple of articles that expand on your point in our Behind The Red Mask series. The scary part (because people are ignoring it) is how relevant it is to the entire Western world today! For over a century the same tactics have been used, and refined by key institutions and agencies, from the Holodomors to Rhodesia to America today.

  2. Klinton Madhubeko says:

    A good write up, giving a bare and factual view point from the Rhodesian perspective. I would challenge future writers to pen down a holistic view point seeing what the Matabeles also have to say in all of this.

    There are certain factors there which are questionable based on simple facts such as the Karangas,Manyikas, Ndawus all enjoyed diplomatic and cultural ties with Mthwakazi nation being protected from invaders from other regions.

    This myth of Matabele viciously attacking shona tribes……will always be a myth

    I also question the supposedly equal society pre 1980. Yes, 70% of the armed forces were black in an integrated setting but we black civilians only started living in Greendale and Vainona post 1980.

    • WakeyWakey says:

      ‘only started living in Greendale…post 1980’

      I would question why some blacks feel such a compelling need to live where whites congregate in the first place. Are they not content to live among their own kind? What do they find so unsatisfactory with their own people? This would be more interesting to study than – quote: ‘a holistic view point seeing what the Matabeles also have to say in all this’. Matabeles (and Shonas) have their own forums and media to discuss their attitudes to the white race and they do, especially on twitter.

      This website is clearly for the ethnic-European Rhodesian narrative to have a voice at long last to counter the endless, mindless propaganda lies infested upon the world about them over the last 70 years by the marxist loving world media and greedy psychopath Robert Mugabe.

      Elsewhere in the world each prefer to live among their own kind. The Indians like to live amongst Indians, the Chinese amongst Chinese etc.

      In fact in an interview with BBC years ago with Michael Parkinson who was then pushing the new ‘multicultural’ agenda, Mohamed Ali (the black world champion boxer Cassius Clay) called Parkinson a traitor to his own white race. Ali said he himself preferred to live amongst his own kind “They’re all birds, but Blue birds live with Blue birds, Eagles with Eagles, Sparrows with Sparrows. Its nature.

      Clearly not the case with many of the black Africans because they are also leaving their own ‘free’ self-ruled black majority states despite their ‘liberty’ and ‘equality’ and ‘freedom’ and flooding into Europe and Britain and every other white majority nation even though those black nations are POST-colonial nations who were gifted for free a civilized and superior modern and well functioning infrastructure not known by the tribes people prior.

      Why the eternal discontent with their own black majority rule nations? Why are they not content to live amongst their own people, and create their own advanced civilizations? THIS would be worthy of enquiry but only black Africans can answer that and should be the ones to write about that as did a successful Nigerian living in America, Okonkwo Akachukwu, in American Renaissance, December 14, 2018:

      “A Nigerian’s View of Race”

      A few of the points he makes:

      “virtually all Nigerians and Africans believe that Africa’s poverty and instability are due to European exploitation. If it weren’t for ndi onyi o cha (Igbo for “those white skins”)! I have never understood this line of reasoning. If Africa was worth plundering, why are Africans unable to plunder Africa’s resources to build their own advanced civilizations?

      This African tendency to blame others for our own shortcomings is a perfectly natural, if unhealthy, coping mechanism. One cannot live year in year out in squalor, social stagnation, and rampant crime and simply accept that this is perhaps the best level at which one’s people can operate. It is far easier and all too human to push the blame elsewhere.

      Another purpose for the demonization of whites by Africans is to serve as a moral justification for plundering and exploiting whites. I need not outline the very many tactics of plunder.

      Colonization is supposed to have been a terrible thing for Africa, but I seriously doubt any Nigerian is glad that the British are gone…..

      “Almost every institution or legacy left behind by the British has either deteriorated past the point of utility and recognition or has simply ceased to exist.

      For instance, King’s College London is, through today, a respected institution.

      King’s College Lagos (the equivalent of a high school in America), established in 1909, is the school I attended. It is a disaster. I spent all six years in the packed, overcrowded hostels where we were on jovial terms with rats. It was not unusual to come back after classes only to find human excrement on the hostel floors because the shared toilets were too filthy even to pass by, much less use. It would have taken an intrepid plumber to brave the exotic mountains of filth merely to reach the toilets, much less repair them. The school soccer field become the unofficial toilet.

      When a certain leader of a certain country refers to other countries, such as Nigeria, as s**tholes, that is not the least bit racist. It is, unfortunately, merely descriptive.

      The fences at the school were routinely broken so that students could bring prostitutes onto the premises for a short session. It was not at all uncommon for a young student to be attending to the call of nature at night in the overgrown grass while another would be engaging a local woman only a few yards away.

      Boarding students, particularly the more vulnerable junior students, often went without food or drinking water. These basic necessities should have been covered by our school fees but the funds were almost always misappropriated by school staff. Underfeeding was so widespread that my friends and I might go for two weeks without defecating. Drinking water was sometimes so scarce that we might padlock a pail of water in a locker, only to find the lock broken by morning.

      Sexual molestation of the younger students was a matter of course. The only way to avoid that was to avoid sleeping in hostels. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of sleeping on the rooftops of classroom buildings to avoid predation……

      King’s College is considered an elite institution in Nigeria.

      If any major British government official were to ever ask me if my people are glad the British are gone, my response would be simple. “No, we are not. Come back. Please.”

  3. Gavin Black says:

    A most interesting article with plenty of comparisons to debunk most of the myths referred to. In South Africa some 26 years after the ANC took over the governing of the country whenever anything goes wrong or the politicians make the same speeches about the ‘downtrodden masses’ – it is blamed on apartheid!! Another myth you will no doubt hopefully write about! Thank you for the interesting article!

  4. Geoff Hill says:

    The Shona and Matabele did not “decimate” the Bushmen. Decimate is to kill one in 10. The San were annihilated.

    Big problem for whites was not learning local languages. How can your family live 200 years on another continent and know so little about the majority around you?

    And, silly kinds of discrimination. Blacks couldn’t be commissioned in the army or air force until 1977 and had a whole other rank structure in the police.

    They couldn’t use the toilet in Greatermans or Kingstons, even when shopping there.

    These were not smart moves.

    No question, Mugabe et al was not the answer. But neither was the futility of 320,000 whites trying to rule over six million blacks and not even able to speak Shona or isiNdebele.

    Sadly, once Mozambique fell, it was all over.

    • WakeyWakey says:

      So, ‘to pee or not to pee’ etc that was the answer? Try telling that to the World Bankers who had already planned the fall of Rhodesia and South Africa before 1940 ie before WWII began. Sometimes it only makes sense when you look at the Big Picture Plan.

    • HoboLobo says:

      I would guess it had something to Africans not writing their language down lol. I am pretty sure no African tribes there had written language when Europeans arrived.

  5. Hi I quite like reading through an article that will make men and women think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment! gracias

  6. Valdemar IV says:

    “For example, Communist China has poisoned 70% of its agricultural land creating a massive refugee and humanitarian crisis within its own borders. ”
    Sounds like more “China bad” nonsense.
    “Today as Communist China aggressively expands globally there is no hot war declared on China by the West. No bombs, no sanctions, no censures.”
    The propaganda campaign has picked since around 2018, when Russia bad had already seriously deflated and the jihadist rebellion weakened in Syria.
    reddit. c om/r/Sino/wiki/fakenews-china/
    It’s quiet extensive already. An effort driven by “militant” groups and the medias is well on its way.

    “The communists”
    It sure wasn’t PRC China that is behind the farmer murder policies and anti-white policies in general and the Soviet-Union no longer existed in 1994 or 2004.
    The efforts toward destroying the remaining whites of South Africa and Rhodesia comes from the west. 2018, the United Kingdom under a “conservative” government officially backed South Africa going full Zimbabwe. Was Theresa May and her ilk communists? No.
    The United Kingdom government already wanted Rhodesia to fall under “majority rule” in the 1960s, knowing well what this would cause and it is clear what side they were during the cold war. It’s clear they weren’t “infiltrated by communists” then either.

    There’s no mistakes about that.

    • Editor says:

      The fact we cannot openly say who created Communism and who has driven it and cultural Marxism says it all.
      BTW the ‘nonesense’ was based on various reports and the same has been observed in Zimbabwe as land is absolutely wrecked by Chinese corp’s who do not care one iota. It has been obvious for decades that the West is strangled by Green legislation and intentionally de-industrialized while China is intentionally industrialised and creates massive pollution problems in both rural areas and in cities, Wuhan is famous for its chronic air pollution. Thousands of factories were shut down before and after the Olympics to hide the incredible pollution that would have choked the athletes.
      Much of what we are attempting to do on Reclaiming Rhodesia is to show people Rhodesia’s destruction was never about race or ‘liberation’. It was, very much, about demonizing and demoralizing the white man for an ulterior motive. Mike Walsh coins it nicely, “Rhodesia’s Death, Europe’s Funeral”.
      Future articles will tie in much of what you have highlighted.
      Thank you for the comments Valdemar.

      • Valdemar IV says:

        Exactly, according to “reports”.
        While China has obviously a lot of pollution and social problems, you can probably guess which faction gets to decide what “reports” and “anonymous sources” claims. It is the same side that wanted people to accept the current state of de-industrialization even before the Trump campaign started.

        What I have found out so far is that deindustrialization began with the financialization of western economies, which would be the early 1970s, long story short is that banking became more profitable than manufacturing.
        On the society front, deindustrialization served the “deep state” well and China was useful in compensating for that in the 1990s (still having a whole lot of industry running somewhere) but there’s the foreign policy front, they are also clearly starting to get worried about China becoming too powerful.

        For the “deep state” to fully prevail worldwide, the current government of China would have to fall, to be replaced with “democracy”. With something that they can subvert.
        Yet getting this done is getting more difficult every year given the “demographic replacement” going on.
        The “China Bad” narrative is being peddled not just to conservatives but to the left (as exposed by leftists here ), to “green” activists and even the islamic populations using the Xinjiang angle.

        Here is a well-known example that it is indeed narrative and not “organic”.
        I might have made a few mistakes when counting but, after zooming “out”, this one got 216 rows with 6 videos each and 1 row with 2 videos, giving a total of 1298 videos, 1299 videos according to YT search.
        306,735,994 views according to YT and it is the #1 result om google results too. Their Paypal, Facebook, Instagram and Patreon are all still up.

        It looks like a regular work team, one which influences what millions “knows” on this topic. They got that continued stream of stories method which was and is still being used against Trump. Pretty sure it is the usual culprits and that is why I am paying attention to this.

        Thank you for your response.

      • Editor says:

        And yet, the reality is, that white Rhodesians were genocided by the COMMUNIST CHINESE PARTY who backed Mugabe and were in collusion with their “enemies” i.e. the so-called Western World most especially Henry Kissinger an American Jew.
        You’re missing the obvious.
        WWII was the greatest tragedy and the machinations for that started a few centuries earlier, before WWI, before the Rothschild/Anglo-Boer Wars…before the French “Revolution”. It has all been a game-play.

      • AnnE says:

        Valdemar IV seems unaware that the people of China live in a One Party Dictatorship just like Zimbabwe, and that the people of China have NO recourse to true Justice if the State sees fit to demonize them for any trviality or perceived ‘slight’.

        Moreover, the Chinese Communist Party (created by the international bankers and Bolsheviks) is in the process today of enforcing a new system of totalitarian despotism by bringing in a ‘Social Credit Score’ punitive system WHICH THEY ARE NOW INTERMINGLING WITH THE ‘CONTACT TRACING’ so-called covid-19 program which will allow them any ‘excuse’ to ‘take away’ anyone that resists tyranny.

        Worse still, Technocratic Communist China’s Social Credt Score/Contact Tracing system of totalitarian control is the Blueprint for the rest of the world, especially the White western world which ‘must be’ destroyed.

      • Editor says:

        AnnE the 17th September marked 44 years since Henry Kissinger (a.k.a. Kiss Of Death) as US Secretary of State met with traitor South African PM Vorster in Pretoria. It was their second sit-down in 2 weeks!!!
        Vorster betrayed South Africa and sold out Rhodesia, thereby ensuring the white genocide continued.
        As discussed:

      • Valdemar IV says:
        The same faction that is now pushing all that agitprop against China is the same one that pushed for “majority rule” in Rhodesia and South Africa, knowing well what the results would be, then later sought to end the existence of White populations in these countries.

        In terms of influence on other countries, China has gained a measure of influence on these countries but it is sill a weak one outside of trade, not at all the kind of influence that allows “color revolutions” for example. In recent history, they did not even intervene in Syria in 2015 after the Russian federation did or stop the military intervention against Libya by sending warships to Tripoli back in 2011 despite the oil incentive to do so. Even the Silk road project only started generations after NATO and the European Union for example.
        The other side meanwhile already had their pawns within the South African government even before the end of apartheid (hence why it ended) and always have pushed a comprehensive socio-political agenda. As a result, what happened to White South Africans and white Rhodesians was and still is their call, not China’s.

        As of now, if the US and the European Union were determined to economically isolate South Africa because the ANC was overthrow-ed by a faction willing to lead that country out of ruin, China would likely choose to limit their own trade with South Africa rather than getting into another round of trade confrontation. But given what is happening now with all that anti-Chinese propaganda, this could change.

  7. Linde says:

    Come on Valdemar IV, the same faction that pushed for majority rule in Chine (that would be the Western ZOG governments) is doing Belt and Road Business with China. Just can’t get enough of that Bat Soup here in Australia.The Wuhan protocols of the CCP are being implemented in all Western states that have been signed up to Belt and Road by their Marxist governments. China has recently bought itself the colony of Zimbabwe and owns the water rights to the Upper Zambezi – which Zambia sold them.

  8. J says:

    When you wrote the “1000 years” quote from Ian Smith, why did you leave out out “black” when he said “majority rule?”
    “I don’t believe in black majority rule ever in Rhodesia—not in a thousand years.”
    Otherwise I really like the write up.

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