Breaking Spirits Through The Night: Tormenting Elderly White Rhodesian’s ‘Til Death In Zimbabwe Ruins

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3 Responses

  1. Jinny Theunissen says:

    Rhodesian hearts are broken but the spirit lives on. I will not be called an ex Rhodesian I would never have left Rhodesia. I left Zimbabwe under duress. But prayed long and hard. Our sons have been given a good education and have come to love SA and it’s beauty. But nothing replaces the part of my heart that is my homeland. I am so grateful to the people who sacrifically and under great difficulty have taken food up to the pensioners in Zimbabwe. My mother who is now 101 was one .If my father had known how she lost everything through Mugabe he would have been so distressed. I salute those old folk who cannot leave Zimbabwe and especially now. We in SA are now in same situation in SA. But…… God. We are here to bring Christ to those who do not know Him and can only give Him praise for what He has done in our lives.
    My great grandparents trekked up to Rhodesia in 1896 and my Gran was born in laager. So my boys were 4th generation. That means nothing to the world. But precious to me. My cousins lost their farms with so many others, land they’d bought and and brought into glory through hard work. Now eek out an existence. But thousands of black folk suffer intolerably too.For so many years we have prayed. The Zimbabweans in SA work tirelessly for their families back home and are to be admired for their faith too. My heart aches for them too.

  2. AnnE says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart-rending story Jinny. It really saddens me too that my country Rhodesia exists only in our memories and in our hearts. Your family’s story should not be forgotten.

    If you elaborate on the story you wrote here I’m 100% sure would publish it as a treasured article to preserve your family’s Rhodesian history – the perfect website as it treasures such Rhodesian true history. (Editor, pse confirm?).

    We all need to put down our unique Rhodesian stories to preserve them.
    Rhodesians Never Die. Let’s make sure by preserving our stories for posterity.

    I have a sense that today, with the evil going-ons around the world – including especially in SA – many Rhodesians of the diaspora will be yearning for a country and time they used to know, just as you and I.

    • Editor says:

      It would be a privilege. Email me at:
      The intent of Reclaiming Rhodesia is to honour all our history and stories. After years of being pariahs, people internationally not only realising that we were right, they are also impressed with the toughness, defiance and high calibre of Rhodesians and the Rhodesian Spirit. In that way we are powerful role models for the rest of the West who seem to have forgotten how to fight to preserve their nations. We are also a stark warning of what happens when your nation is taken from you.

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