Is Trusting The World Health Organisation Like Trusting Mugabe?

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  1. WakeyWakey says:

    Hannes Wessels at his brilliant best! Loved the informative additions by reclaiming rhodesia editor which certainly did justice to Hannes’ article. Its a fact that no virus was ever actually even identified by the ‘scientific’ research. The methodology in their papers reveal this. Dr Kaufman has been through them and exposed this lack of identity of any virus let alone one they named ‘covid-19’. What a fraudulent scam coup d’etat against humanity. There are videos of nurses dancing in the aisles of empty hospital wards. Says it all.

  2. Alistair says:

    Good and timely posting Hannes which I am sure will save many lives. Good friends of mine have just been cured of this virus by the use of ivermectin. The whole family went down with it and have all now 100% recovered. We now need to see mass protests all over the world with good leadership against this medical tyranny of the promotion of toxic vaccines and the suppression of proven cheap medication like ivermectin. Sadly, with the demise of Trump we have seen the awesome strength of Big Tech, Big Pharm, etc who now seem to be in control of this world and this is going to make any initiative against this tyranny that much more difficult as clearly, the above-mentioned organisations are the handlers of governments everywhere. Americans are going to rue the day they allowed these Democrat psychopaths to take control of their country. Not content to just ‘win’, (ie, steal) some of them are now saying they are going to go after all conservatives and Christians, the stormers of Capitol building and those who voted against them. This sounds chillingly familiar of what happened in a certain landlocked country in the middle of Africa when their Marxist leader said and did something similar. It all adds up as the current POTUS is known to have engaged with Marxist leaders in Africa in the 1970’s. In the meantime, I hope and pray we see a groundswell of resistance against this toxic ‘vaccine’ and against the suppression of the use of ivermectin for covid treatment. Thanks again Hannes

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