Is Trusting The World Health Organisation Like Trusting Mugabe?

The End of Influenza

By Hannes Wessels, Africa Unauthorised. Images and captions added.

Back in March when I first wrote about the onset of the plague, I was hoping that the madness would soon pass when people realised this was not a looming apocalypse and it would not be long before our lives returned to normal. Unfortunately I was dead wrong; eight months later people remain terrified, the airwaves are filled with dire warnings and dodgy information, the economy is in crisis, virtually everyone is poorer, we are ruled by decree and our freedoms drastically curtailed. And no end in sight.

Much of my scepticism has always been based on the fact that I believe little we are told that emanates from the mainstream media, and nothing’s happened to change this perception.

I also had a problem from the beginning with Tedros Ghebreyesus, the head of the WHO (World Health Organisation), the man tasked with protecting the health of the human race. He commands the respect of most world leaders including those of the industrialised West (apart from Donald Trump who was vilified for ending American membership of the organisation) and is the darling of celebrities and pop-stars from Lady Gaga to Billie Eilish to Elton John.

Lady Gaga routinely sexualises Satanic Baphomet rituals in her performances.

I was wary of him because I knew he was once a cheerleader for the Robert Mugabe fan club.  He appointed this purveyor of genocide and destroyer of human rights and Zimbabwe’s economy to be a goodwill ambassador for the WHO.   Ghebreysus evidently judged that Mugabe’s track record was perfect for promoting the humanitarian work of WHO.  The WHO boss also appeared to be under the control of his Chinese paymasters of whom he spoke so highly, despite the fact that the Chinese initiated the pandemic and that he collaborated with them to suppress important information in the early stages of the outbreak.

In October 2017, Tedros named Mugabe a “goodwill ambassador” to help combat non-communicable diseases in Africa. Told to restrain his White Genocide in Zimbabwe until White South Africans allowed the ANC to seize power, Mugabe targeted the Matabele. Possibly 40,000 Matabele were slaughtered by Mugabe’s henchmen. Their children are The Loveless, Fatherless, Stateless Generation.

Now I note Tedros may have to take a little time off from saving us all from this scourge to defend himself at the Hague against charges of genocide. This follows the lodging of a complaint at the International Criminal Court by David Steinman. Steinman is an economist, advisor to the US National Security Council, and Nobel Peace Prize nominee who has documented Tedros’s role as one of three officials in control of the Ethiopian security forces from 2013 to 2015 when troops under his control killed, arbitrarily arrested and tortured Ethiopian civilians.  In Mugabe, Tedros clearly recognised a fellow traveller in the arts of abusing human rights and theft on a grand scale.

We’ve reported numerous times on Reclaiming Rhodesia how Marxists ALWAYS induce famine to control populations. Tedros and his ‘liberation’ party were no different.

As far as I know, Tedros has not denied Steinman’s allegations but I have little doubt these charges will not in any way affect his tenure and he will continue as our global protector-in-chief. And with his position assured, the politicians of the world follow his questionable leadership and continue to make our lives miserable by the passing of nonsensical regulations based on twisted statistics, questionable data and in some cases, blatant disinformation.

The problem seems to start with the testing and protocols which are mandated and sanctioned by the Tedros-led WHO. There are increasing reports indicating the unreliability of these tests going back to the Tanzanian president who famously announced that he had sent samples from a goat, a sheep and a pawpaw and all tested positive. The government of Sweden has reported thousands of false positive tests from kits made in China. These same kits have been used for testing all around the world. And it is these test results that are being used to terrorise the world.

“Freedom Of Information Reveals Public Health Agency Of Canada Has No Record Of ‘SARS-COV-2’ Isolation Performed By Anyone, Anywhere, Ever”

Carl Heneghan, professor of evidence-based medicine at Oxford University and Dr. Michael Yeadon, former chief science officer at Pfizer have both explained that the inaccuracies in the test mean that the majority of positives, if not all of the positives currently being reported are false positives. Dr Clare Craig who sits on the PANDA (Pandemic, Data and Analytics) argues that false positive test results from a PCR test lead to false diagnoses, unnecessary measures and distort the overall picture of the pandemic. Added to this is the simple fact that the more people tested, the more will test positive and it is this statistic that hits the headlines, not the fact that most tested positive are in excellent health and showing no symptoms. What is also not being widely broadcast is the fact that ‘adjustments’ are being made to the daily death rate but despite this, death and hospitalisation numbers show little sign of an increase.

We are also told precious little about who is dying of the virus, how old they were and what other ailments they were suffering from prior to death. This sort of subterfuge provides every reason to believe some sort of mischief is afoot and maybe this starts with the scientists?

Neil Ferguson from the Imperial College who played such a pivotal role in triggering the present crisis with his ridiculously flawed predictions is a man from the left of the political spectrum who believes government always knows better than the individual. Much Like Stalin used his ‘scientists’ to underpin his policies, Ferguson seems have filled the same role in the West with his insistence that his statistics can predict human behaviour thereby handing politicians the ‘science’ they can use in order to govern by decree over a cowed populace.

This is a mere snapshot of the influence, keep in mind, for example, how much ‘inconvenient’ research is denied funding or suppressed under this power.

His views seemed to have been seized upon by politicians around the world and with some alacrity in his homeland by Boris Johnson and his Health Secretary, Matt Hancock. Claiming a ‘second wave’ they have locked London down again, causing enormous harm and hardship to millions and one can only wonder if the threat posed by the virus justifies the reaction.

Recently we saw footage of the South African Police Minister Bheki Cele patrolling Camps Bay Beach with heavily armed officers in tow as he berated perfectly innocent sun-bathers.  I wondered if this sort of thing  happens in North Korea? But sad to think that in no small part, we can thank ‘the scientists’ for wrecking the way we live our lives. Just how long governments can disguise the fact that their responses have been irrational remains to be seen; but the fact is this disease is not like the Spanish Flu or any other plague of the past simply because it is not anywhere near as lethal as we were led to believe.

Not just South Africa!

Are we living through a scenario similar to what Karl Popper predicted? He believed many of humanity’s mistakes of the past were based on a flawed understanding of the scientific method and argued that utopian social engineering, though superficially attractive, is fatally flawed, invariably leading to unfavourable consequences. And speaking of unintended consequences I have been wondering what has become of the Flu? Since Covid struck, I know of nobody who has had it? I know of many people who know many people who have had Covid but not a word about Flu? So maybe Popper was right about unintended consequences but if the Corona virus has somehow eliminated the age-old problem with Influenza, then this unintended consequence should be welcomed.

Australia miraculously found a cure to the flu April 2020.
Questions by John Wear
An excellent overview of the history of medicine we’re rarely told.
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2 Responses

  1. WakeyWakey says:

    Hannes Wessels at his brilliant best! Loved the informative additions by reclaiming rhodesia editor which certainly did justice to Hannes’ article. Its a fact that no virus was ever actually even identified by the ‘scientific’ research. The methodology in their papers reveal this. Dr Kaufman has been through them and exposed this lack of identity of any virus let alone one they named ‘covid-19’. What a fraudulent scam coup d’etat against humanity. There are videos of nurses dancing in the aisles of empty hospital wards. Says it all.

  2. Alistair says:

    Good and timely posting Hannes which I am sure will save many lives. Good friends of mine have just been cured of this virus by the use of ivermectin. The whole family went down with it and have all now 100% recovered. We now need to see mass protests all over the world with good leadership against this medical tyranny of the promotion of toxic vaccines and the suppression of proven cheap medication like ivermectin. Sadly, with the demise of Trump we have seen the awesome strength of Big Tech, Big Pharm, etc who now seem to be in control of this world and this is going to make any initiative against this tyranny that much more difficult as clearly, the above-mentioned organisations are the handlers of governments everywhere. Americans are going to rue the day they allowed these Democrat psychopaths to take control of their country. Not content to just ‘win’, (ie, steal) some of them are now saying they are going to go after all conservatives and Christians, the stormers of Capitol building and those who voted against them. This sounds chillingly familiar of what happened in a certain landlocked country in the middle of Africa when their Marxist leader said and did something similar. It all adds up as the current POTUS is known to have engaged with Marxist leaders in Africa in the 1970’s. In the meantime, I hope and pray we see a groundswell of resistance against this toxic ‘vaccine’ and against the suppression of the use of ivermectin for covid treatment. Thanks again Hannes

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