‘Wee Jock’ Hutton: A British & Rhodesian War Hero With The Demeanor Of A Giant

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  1. Many memories of great people . Any body know where Captain Lyons is

  2. William Hodgson says:

    My name is William Hodgson and am hopefully trying to find out anything about my late uncle Jack Hodgson (real 1st name John). He to was in the airborne forces in ww2 and dropped into Normandy around Caen in France. Also dropped into elephant point in Burma. We have a couple of photos on him sat in a jeep in France also a small photo of him sat astride a motorcycle with 3 others paras at Kingsway airstrip. Mentioned on the back saying 2 days after bomb dropped dropped into Changi . Then to work with Mountbatten (Bodyguard). Also however he lived Salisbury Rhodesia and he was also in the armed forces there as we have his Rhodesian para association book. I’m sure was also served in the sas over there as also have a photo of him climbing into a plane mentioning testing steerable parachutes. Sadly never spoke to Him .I am wondering if there is any old comrades who know of my late uncle so I could arrange to speak to my dad his brother or if you would like me to arrange copies of the photos etc.
    I know he also had to move out to South Africa and his ashes are scattered in the Drakensberg mountains.
    My dad has his medals from ww2 and his Rhodesian shoulder patches still on the wall at home back in Chorley England . Actually now next door to the old family home where he once lived.
    Hopefully some one still can recollect him. Thankyou

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