What Western Education Standards Used To Look Like, Before Marxist Dumbing Down

Are you smarter than an 8th grader? Rare test from 1912 shows what students were quizzed over 

via the NY Daily News

“By and large, most people were doing pretty good if they got to the eighth grade, especially in farming communities,” Strange said. “Many newspapers at the time are really urging kids to do well on the test, which was held in the county courthouse.”

Those who did well enough on the exam — which tests pupils in their abilities of spelling, reading, arithmetic, grammar, geography, physiology, civil government and history — went on to get scholarships to high school and possibly college..”.

From Humble Class Rooms

Early 1900’s America: Pitts Point School, a good example of several one or two room schools in the county, and the nation.  This school was located just outside of the town of Pitts Point in western Bullitt County, but the town was later taken over to be part of Fort Knox. (Bullitt County History Museum)

A pioneer classroom in northern Rhodesia of the same era, swiftly led to great things for all Rhodesians!

One of the earliest schools in Northern Rhodesia, 1910 in Lusaka for the children of pioneers. Not that glamorous!

A few decades later, the most modern, and affordable, Colleges in southern Africa were the envy of the working class in Britain, America and Australia. They were heavily subsidized from construction to operation by the small white community.

A Rhodesian college, the David Livingstone Teacher Training College, for school teachers in the 1950’s that met the best international standards.
Above and below: 1950’s Rhodesian university campus. Often white Rhodesians could not afford to continue their education past high school, so it was a privilege for many black students their taxes funded. Including Mugabe’s. He destroyed that privilege for future black and white generations.
What happened the the racist Rhodesia narrative?

The Regression Of The 21st Century

For almost all ordinary Zimbabweans, a decent education has become a tragic joke. Those that brought it to them and gave it so freely are vilified and scorned.

Meanwhile in liberated South Africa, the incredible number of schools built prior to the installation of the ANC-One-Party-State are being destroyed at a record rate.

Liberated South Africa

The problem is not race, that is the weapon. The problem is capitulating to Marxism because you think the Revolution is about race. It never is.

The Mandela’s and their ANC, encouraged the burning down of Schools to win the Revolution – they became extremely wealthy – and so have their ANC cronies. Meanwhile, the ordinary black South African has fallen against all standard of living measures. Just like black Rhodesians. A new level of poverty has been their New-Normal for decades.

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