‘White Skin, African Soul’ by Anonymous: White Africans Are People Too…

You have no birth right to this place, Descendant of another race. An immigrant? A pioneer? You are no longer welcome here!’

White Africans Are People Too

africa cheetah sunset waiting
white skin african soul poem
nature lion south africa whitelion

‘White Skin, African Soul

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2 Responses

  1. We will return, whiplash in hand.
    This time, We will do it right.
    A Territory reserved for Whites: from Cape Agulhas to the Zambezi.


    Norman Lowell

  2. WakeyWakey says:

    Beautifully expressed poetry of a lost home land, which tugs at the heart strings.

    Soon it will be ethnic-European Americans, Brits, EU, Australian, Canadian and NZ ers who will be directly experiencing what this Rhodesian evokes – White civilizations lost forever – unless they regain their ‘Rhodesian Spirit’ and RESIST their demize against their governments and the World Bankers who control them.
    Remember its purely a numbers game.

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