Who Will Speak For Europe? The Embers of Europe are dying, who shall breathe life to the flame?

Editor: Conservation either includes all animals and all peoples or it is selective genocide, Mike Walsh, author of “Rhodesia’s Death Europe’s Funeral: European to Wall Street Colonialism” once again gets to the heart of it.


The Embers of Europe are dying,

The phoenix is sleeping in peace,

But no rest for the peoples of Europe,

The nations that bankers must fleece;

No peace from political traitors,

There’s never respite from their wars;

Now the Embers of Europe are dying,

Invaders are kicking its doors.

The flickering flames of revival,

Snuffed out by the treacherous few,

Curtains are falling on Europe,

Poisoned by media’s brew,

Snared by the tricks of the plotter,

Corrupted by men bearing gold,

As the darkness descends upon Europe,

The embers are fast growing cold.

The Embers of Europe are dying,

Now who shall breathe life to the flame?

The beacons once lit by its savior,

Who mustn’t be mentioned by name.

His beacon is still shining brightly,

A signal that shows us the way,

The Embers of Europe will flicker,

If true men will enter the fray.


Will no one speak for Europe,

We are a special breed,

So many stoop to denigrate,

Pour scorn upon our seed,

But who will stand and speak for us,

Before we’re trampled in the dust,

Oh, such a tragic fate.

There’s just one sin upon the earth,

Now others hold the sway,

To stand and say the White man,

Is yet to have his day,

Offend religion, slur belief,

In Europe you will come to grief,

If you but speak the truth.


Will stars continue shining,

When Europe is no more,

Will sunsets and the sunrise,

Be as they were before?

Those stars shone down on Europe’s Rome,

On Greece, the Parthenon;

But will they still be shining,

Once the Europeans are gone?

The stars stand silent witness,

To the legends over time;

The men who built our empires,

Till order ran in rhyme In harmony with ancient lore,

Change will be but as before,

Europe lives for evermore,

Was that but just our dream?

I scarce can bring myself to think,

The pain and degradation,

To see the remnants of our folk,

Confined to reservation,

Like native others in past time,

For us the stars no longer shine,

Will this be drunk as bitter wine,

What centotaph for us?

Visit Michael Walshs’ website for news and views from an ethnic-European perspective.
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6 Responses

  1. Linde says:

    Mike Walsh is right – White eradication / replacement is the order of the day in the European ancestral lands and in the Western Civilizations they brought to continents other than Europe. Judging by the migrant response into precisely these nations from all over the world, I would say that non-Europeans like our civilization just fine. They want to live in it or take it over or imitate it or capture a population of Europeans to create it for them. And the Communist Revolution has an interest in assisting them to do just that.

    All White nations are undergoing rigorous communist subversion and takeover.

    Looking back through all of Yuri Bezmenov’s old videos last week-end I came across the concluding remarks that are always edited out. This is where he answers the question: ‘what preserves society from subversion? All the computers, modern technology etc will not preserve a society targeted for ideological subversion. Here is the answer from Yuri

    July 17, 2020
    Fate of Kings

    • Editor says:

      That was a powerful video, Yuri Bezmenov explains the answer in less than 2 minutes! However, even that reply needs a caveat.
      For example, most people do not realise one of the key reasons for the Latin Mass is that Latin is a “dead” language. It cannot be twisted to fit new “trendy”, i.e. subversive, intentions one tweak at a time. This recent discussion by Taylor Marshall (author of Infiltration) is highly relevant to Catholics and non-Catholics. The cast of characters being assembled for the “Health” Conference by the Vatican is truly a coming out meeting of the Deep State – achieved by one tweak at a time!

      Go to the 31min 55sec mark and look at the choice of image for their promotional poster! There is our new gawd and we can only experience it through those on the attendee list! Including Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big MSM, a Rothschild, a Clinton…and so on.

    • Katherine says:

      . ? /

  2. Linde says:

    Very true Editor. Rothschild guardianship, pagan fertility idols of UNDRIP, Marxist ‘theologies’, Agendas of UN communist one worldism in Rome are all fulfilling the writings of John the Revelator.

    The Revolution certainly made a thorough work of subversion in the Church and Christian churches, denominations and communities. Everyone who would profess the Christian faith must contend with the Revolution.

    Dr. Marshall has helped us all to see that the way forward is actually backward. The ancient liturgies of the undivided Church Latin, Byzantine etc are now liturgical languages. They fix in time the doctrines of the faith, morals, worship, Seven Ecumenical Councils, the Septuagint, the Vulgate and liturgies going back to the the Apostles which were in the languages of the Roman Empire at the time of Christ: Greek, Latin, Aramaic, Hebrew. These were the languages of the apostles, the ante-Nicene Fathers and the three hundred years of martyrs throughout the Roman Empire. Dr. Taylor Marshall does all Christians a great service with his videos on these subjects.

    One of the most painful truths of the Revolution is its subversion of Christian faith and worship across the spectrum – the Zionism of Scofield Reference Bible, the Christian Marxism / Social Justice doctrines of the World Council of Churches, the murder of the Russian Orthodox clergy by the Bolsheviks and establishment of KGB succession of the Russian Orthodox Church within Russia, the Marxist Liberation theology of the Catholic Church and its support of the armed aggression of the Fourth ComIntern. All have been subverted in terms of hierarchy, doctrine, faith, morals, worship.

    There is only one path of detox and de-subversion for Christians who would persevere in what truths of the faith they possess and then follow on to the Christian faith whole and entire of what the Church always and everywhere has taught and how the Church has worshiped from before the Great Schism. This is the Church which elevated the West and gave us roughly 2,000 years of Christian civilization, victories all our enemies , even in the 700 year war of Reconquista, social progress and development for all nations that were baptised as nations into Christ and founded their states upon this order.

    There must be a Christian movement to the social Kingship of Jesus Christ that will take us back to our apostolic roots of Pentecost and the time honoured worship in Spirit and in truth.

    Novus ordo catholics who are following Francis I – the present occupant of the Chair of Peter who is manifestly and objectively not in communion with his predecessors in doctrine of the faith – should learn the Catechism from before the Second Vatican Council. The Roman Pontiff has no authority to change the Lord’s Prayer, the mysterium fidei, implement 17 Sustainable Development Goals of Communism or baptise fallen angels posing as space aliens. Christian Zionists blessing Israel and sending money to build the Jewish temple for Moshiach are blaspheming our Lord right along with anti-pope Francis.

    • WakeyWakey says:

      Very well stated, Linde. I appreciate your vast knowledge and learn a lot from each of your comments (essays really, thank you for taking the time to explain and share what you know).

  3. Linde says:

    Thank you WakeyWakey. I am always happy to contribute here. I make the Rhodesian recovery of Rhodesia high on the list of priorities for the Counter Revolution. To me it is very gratifying to see this conversation develop across the Rhodesiasphere and the respect that is shown to those who served.

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