4 Rhodesian Roses: Women Farming On The Front Line Where No Prisoners Were Taken & No Mercy Given

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  1. Linde says:

    Right throughout the war those Rhodesian farms continued to produce food for Africa. Failed Marxist states already fallen to the Communist Revolution didn’t produce food then and they don’t produce food now. During the war they imported food from Rhodesia, the bread basket of Africa. The basis of their economy was ‘humanitarian crisis’ and they were propped up by the West with the equivalent ‘food stamps’ from the World Bank. They paid Rhodesia for food in USD and right throughout the war the Rhodesians were fighting the Communist Revolution and feeding failed Marxist states that were providing Gook Armies with sanctuaries and bases.

    By now, everyone should see that the planned destruction of Rhodesia and South Africa were the Blueprint of the Communist Takeover of the entire Western world.

  2. Alistair says:

    You have got to give it to them. They (Marxists) are tireless and 100% focused on achieving their evil agenda. I just wish western Christian countries had had the same zeal in defending their way of life as the Communists/Marxists have at defeating them. Methinks it is too late – sadly.

  3. Katherine Sparkes says:

    Robert Mugabe was obviously a corrupt leader. He was also a leader who mismanaged the state of Zimbabwe via his own greed and avarice.

    That however does not mean that Zimbabwe should go back to being a white feudal for rich white men.

  4. Katherine Sparkes says:

    I would like to know why the You Tube channel, “Fighting Men of Rhodesia”. Have blocked my ability to make comments on You Tube ?

    I figured that you may be able to answer my enquiry since “Reclaiming Rhodesia” and “Fighting Men of Rhodesia” are people linked by a vicious streak of imperialism, white supremacy and the usual vestige of anti Semitism.

    I am sorry if my comment is not literate. I dont suppose it will be since I have drunk at least 500 millilitres of Vodka in 24 hours.

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