Watch: Dear Leaders Zuma & Biden Display Their Amazing Grasp of Numbers!

Update: As I wrote in Jan 2021 ‘Peaceful Protests’ are a sign the revolution is not complete. While America celebrates mostly “peaceful” riots involving Burning, Looting and Murder. Far worse is now underway in South Africa in the name of former President Zuma. The question is for Americans, what will President Biden incite?

We discussed previously the parallels between South Africa, once the most advanced nation in the southern hemisphere and America, once the most advanced nation in the world here and here. These highly amusing (alarming?) clips of Dear Leaders Zuma and Biden are, at the same time, humiliating for their electorates.

We’re left wondering, how did these (Communism-For-Thee-Not-Me) Dear Leaders become, as career political lackeys, so fabulously wealthy? With so many honorary degrees bestowed upon them?

How did they manage to claw their way to the top of their “democratic” political parties and win a “free and fair” national election?

And, when will the voting public finally realise that the “democracy” joke is on them? Will it be only after their country is as collapsed and rotten as Zimbabwe?

Dear Leader Biden: I AM MATH WITH NUKES

According to MSM and Big Tech, more than 300 Americans voted for Dear Leader Biden.

From Wikipedia:

Biden has received honorary degrees from the University of Scranton (1976), Saint Joseph’s University (LL.D 1981), Widener University School of Law (2000), Emerson College (2003), Delaware State University (2003), his alma mater the University of Delaware (LL.D 2004), Suffolk University Law School (2005), his other alma mater Syracuse University (LL.D 2009), Wake Forest University (LL.D 2009), the University of Pennsylvania (LL.D 2013), Miami Dade College (2014), University of South Carolina (DPA 2014), Trinity College, Dublin (LL.D 2016), Colby College (LL.D 2017), and Morgan State University (DPS 2017).

Corrupt deals in the Ukraine, and other destabilized countries, are also a Biden family affair.

Biden also received the Chancellor Medal (1980), and the George Arents Pioneer Medal (2005) from Syracuse University. The Government of Pakistan’s Hilal-i-Pakistan award in 2008. Golden Medal of Freedom from Kosovo in 2009. Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction‍ in 2017.

In 2020, Biden and Harris were jointly named Time Person of the Year.

Creepy ‘Uncle’ Joe was awarded Working Mother magazine’s Best of Congress Award for “improving the American quality of life through family-friendly work policies” in 2008.


Zuma was the previous President of the One-Party-State of South Africa.
Married 6 times, Zuma has 4 wives currently. He has trouble counting his children, others have estimated, for him, that he has 22 children. He also has one fiancee who he paid 10 cows for in 2002.

From Wikipedia:

Zuma has been given numerous honorary degrees Peking University (2012), Honorary Professor of International Relations. Medical University of Southern Africa (2001), Honorary Doctor of Philosophy. University of Zululand (2001), Honorary Doctor of Administration. University of Fort Hare (2001), Honorary Doctor of Literature/Letters. University of Zambia (UNZA) Great East Campus (2009), Honorary Doctor of Law.

He has received numerous awards. The Nelson Mandela Award for Outstanding Leadership from the Medical University of South Africa, awarded in Washington, D.C. (1998). During a visit to the United Kingdom in 2010, Jacob Zuma was made an honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath. The Imo Merit Award, the highest award in the Imo State of Nigeria conferred on those who have made a difference in the development of their communities. (15 October 2017)

Zuma was always facing legal challenges for EXTREME corruption, racketeering, and even rape. Though the court chose not to believe the woman who accused him of rape, the trial exposed the attitudes of black men towards black women in South Africa.

‘Peaceful Protests’ Are A Sign The Revolution Is Not Complete

America and South Africa obviously need MOAR democracy!

Are these in America or South Africa?
American female leaders are channeling Winnie Mandela’s spirit for political-power. What could go wrong?

Note: Not one Dear Leader or their family or their business ‘interests’ were harmed in the making of these so-called peaceful protests.

This Is The Best A Country of 330 Million Could Muster For President?

Making the Great Reset Easy: America is clearly being set-up for a collapse. Putin and Xi are not the only ones laughing, so is every tin-pot African dictator.

How The MSM Falsely Used Racism To Influence The Election In America

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4 Responses

  1. Katherine Sparkes says:

    Cripes ! What and why ?

  2. gino says:

    i´m laughing in my chair¿

  3. Linde says:

    International Mandela Day has now come and gone. Completely missed it as I took my dog to the vet for his furball issue. But the shebeen-like spirit of burning tires and the Gook brigades will remain with us for the forseeable.

    Time [Jew] Mag/Rag Poes of the Year: Cyril Ramaphosa visited KZN while the smoke plume from Pietermaritzburg could be seen from space!. Old Hippo Eyes has scored another big win with the MostVomitInducing Comment of the month from a Marxist head of state : “We welcome the fact that ordinary citizens are working together with security forces, not only defending their own assets but also our democracy.” No wonder my shih-tzu is sufferring from a furball issue.

    The covidiots who are getting their vaxxes to flatten the curve will certainly believe this and they’ll believe the shopping malls are being looted for plasma screens and tech by starving Africans. Yes. Despite decades of Marxist CRT, the terrible legacy of Apartheid has sadly endured ; like the Whole SchlomoKo$t, the Communists have to keep it on life support as the gift that just keeps on giving for the Revolution.

    Every day is national sorry day for the White folks. But on Mandela Day, we should all try to be extra sorry for our colonialism, our evil racist, settler regimes, slavery, Islamophobia, apartheid, racism, systemic racism, personal, social and cultural racism, our white privilege, micro-aggressions, looks considered offensive by BIPOC and , of course, the N and K words. Oops. Left out racist babies who recognize race. Communists and Communist Blacks get a pass on all of the above – especially against fellow Blacks and Browns.

    In this tragedy, not to lose sight of Time [Jew] Mag/Rag’s Double Does of the Year : vacant suit POTUS Joe who , as a US Senator and Revolutionary Asset from Michigan, made trips to both Rhodesia and SA in the relevant decades to help arrange the Communist takeovers. How many times did that smoking turd take a knee to Burning Looting Murder Inc when the Soros / Tidewater payroll rioted across America?

    This is the hybrid warfare of the Revolution and they are networked between the southern African nations and the United States for armed aggression just as they were in the 70s / 80s. Now that Biden is POTUS , The Hammer, the Jew Claw, the Sickle and the Long March are piling all in on it.

    When the West finally buries the Communist Revolution under lead and stone, I look forward to the July 18 Day of Communist Infamy being replaced by Verwoerd Day. And we will be celebrating Ian Douglas Smith Day on the whatever day the Rhodesiasphere nominates. I look forward to many annual Rhodesian holidays and commemorations.

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